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It's 1925.  Calvin Coolidge is President.  Ford's Model T continues to be the hottest selling car, accounting for 60% of all auto sales that year.  First class postage is 2 cents and television has just been demonstrated in Maryland.  In Florida, the population recently has passed the one million mark, and Martin is about to become the state's 64th county.  In the town of Olympia, the new school is about to open amidst the excitement of the "Land Boom" that promises to bring prosperity to the region. The school, under several names, served the children of Hobe Sound until 1963.  No longer needed as a schoolhouse, it was used as a thrift shop and, later, fell into disrepair.  In order to save the beautiful old building, in 1999 interested members of the community joined together to procure the resources necessary to acquire and rehabilitate the building.  The Apollo School Foundation was born.  The building’s rehabilitation was complete in late 2013 and the former two-room schoolhouse formally reopened in 2014 to be used as a local historical museum as well as an educational, cultural and historical facility.

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